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A new approach to gaining real experience.

We're combining new teaching models, novel learning material and basic concepts of the ageless apprenticeship system to help better trained and experienced employees to new jobs and opportunities.

We already thank all those before us who have graciously published their resources for the benefit of all. We build on your work and example as a foundation for our success.

Our Purpose

Solving the problem of getting the job done

Who solves problems? People. Who hires people? Other people. We noticed the complexity, confusion and weirdness of the relationship between both these peoples. Our purpose is to deliver certainty of what to expect. Simple.

We want the job to get job. There is a lot of worthy, profitable and necessary work to accomplish. Remove the biases, prejudices, false assertions and politics and we believe everyone in this industry will benefit.


Acquire competence for real life

What matters most is the knowledge you can learn what you need as it's needed. Competence then is related to ones ability to learn. Your ability to learn is connected to your ability to communicate.

The OpenApprentice system will get you there. You will be confident of your skills and what you can do - each step of the way. And with this you walk your own path forward.

Teachers and mentors

Teach for greater and meaningful impact

You give your time to create a teaching platform, a method or instruction for others. Sometimes you deliver the impact and help you wanted. Mostly, your efforts fell flat. It wasn't your effort. Or what you were teaching. It was where and when you taught it.

The OpenApprentice system we're implementing fixes that. It takes your valuable insights, that you already want to teach others, and places it in front of students exactly when they will most benefit from it. They should know what you know.

For Employers

Hire with greater certainty

We apprentice them. You hire them. We do it Open Source style. The difference betweeen what we're doing and others is you can hire people who have worked on the exact track you choose for your business needs - and you can supervise their learning each step of the way.

More importantly, your existing employees can further develop on expanding their core competencies and general knowledge making their contributions to your business greater.


It's okay. Get in touch

Problems in the world need solving... OpenApprentice is at once a place to truly master and apprentice on real projects, OpenApprentice learners, teachers and employment partners "know that they know" and can perform at each step of their learning experience. OpenApprentice aims to be the standard by which students, employees and employers are judged.